OLOE Shake Mix & Match Bundle (36 Shakes)
OLOE Shake Mix & Match Bundle (36 Shakes)
OLOE Shake Mix & Match Bundle (36 Shakes)
OLOE Shake Mix & Match Bundle (36 Shakes)
OLOE Shake Mix & Match Bundle (36 Shakes)
OLOE Shake Mix & Match Bundle (36 Shakes)
OLOE Shake Mix & Match Bundle (36 Shakes)
OLOE Shake Mix & Match Bundle (36 Shakes)


OLOE Shake Mix & Match Bundle (36 Shakes)


Upgrade your nutrition game and savings with OLOE Shake bundles. Mix and match flavours, stock up effortlessly, and conquer any occasion with just a few clicks! Longer shelf-life and pantry safe.

FREE Australia-wide delivery included.

What's Inside (36 Shakes):

  • Choose Flavour 1 - 12 Shakes
  • Choose Flavour 2 - 12 Shakes
  • Choose Flavour 3 - 12 Shakes
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🚚 IMPORTANT SHIPPING NOTE: Chocolate sold out during our recent EOFY sale. However, new OLOE stock is already en route and estimated to arrive on July 16. Orders also containing Vanilla will be sent at the same time. Thank you!

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OLOE Shake - Features Badges - Organic & Plant-Based


OLOE Shake - Features Badges - Dairy Free


OLOE Shake - Features Badges - Gluten Free


OLOE Shake - Features Badges - Peanut Free



  • OLOE Shake Curious Choc:

Ingredients List

Nutritional Panel

  • OLOE Shake Vanilla Wonder:

Ingredients List

Nutritional Panel

Yes it is! We primarily recommend it for all ages 3 and above as a nutritious snack option because we've designed the protein, fibre, and omega-3 content primarily with the recommended daily intake (RDI) of children aged 3-12 in mind.

Unlike powdered toddler formulas, which are typically developed for ages 1-2 (and sometimes 3), the ready-to-drink OLOE Shake is tailored for slightly older children's nutritional requirements and so a full serving is likely too nutrient-dense below this age range.

However, because it's made with natural ingredients, we tend to leave it up to the parents to decide what's best for their family.

Just be sure to read the nutritional label carefully to understand the amount of nutrients your child is receiving per serving and how this relates to the RDI of their age group.

We’re not your average nutritional shake! Most convenience products are filled with low-quality ingredients, loaded with sugar and only focus on having meaningful amounts of one nutrient, like Protein. Busy people need a lot more than that, and quickly.

The OLOE Shake was purposefully developed from the finest ingredients to deliciously boost a range of essential nutrients, and dramatically lower sugar in the most convenient way possible. Not all products are created equal, quality matters.

What does this mean? Here are 5 reasons:

1. Nutrient-rich: packed with Protein, Fibre, Omega-3 ALA, Iron, Calcium, Vitamin B12, D & E

2. Broad Benefits: Supports physical, cognitive, digestive health & more

3. Premium: highest quality ingredients (including Organic Coconut, Organic Chia Seeds & Organic Spinach)

4. No refined sugar: naturally sweetened and up to 70% less total sugar compared to the market-leading liquid breakfast drink

5. Super convenient: no more messy powders, it’s in a ready-to-drink format that is shelf-stable so you can take it anywhere & power up in seconds. Perfect for the fridge or pantry.

All this for less than a café coffee per serving.

Absolutely! The OLOE® Shake was manufactured in a certified facility and the formulation has been independently tested to ensure you and your family enjoy a safe, quality experience. Intertek and SGS are leading providers of testing and analysis services to the global food industry.

No, it is not. The OLOE® Shake is designed to complement and encourage eating a balanced whole foods diet as a nutritional super snack or to be paired with any meal. It is an organic, plant-based Nutritional Shake with premium ingredients for any time of the day. The OLOE Shake is packed with Protein, Omega-3’s, Fibre, plus essential vitamins and minerals.

No, it does not. The natural OLOE® Shake is 12 months shelf stable (from the production date) and safe to drink even if it hasn’t been refrigerated. It should be stored in a cool, dry place to maintain its quality. However, like most drinks, it’s best enjoyed chilled! Once open, the OLOE® Shake does need to be refrigerated and will keep in the fridge for up to 48 hours.

When we refer to our products as “Allergen-Friendly,” we mean they are not made with ingredients containing the most common allergens such as dairy, gluten, peanut, soy, and shellfish.

We do, however, manufacture in a facility that also produces dairy, gluten and soy products. Part of our quality control process is to thoroughly clean the lines before and after production of the OLOE® Shake.

While our OLOE® Shake is formulated to be allergen-friendly, every child is different in terms of their sensitivities and tolerances to various ingredients. Therefore, we always recommend reading the ingredients label carefully to ensure it aligns with your child’s specific dietary needs.

The OLOE® Shake has been independently tested by SGS, Intertek and AgriFood Technology (Global Food Quality Assurance agencies).

Additionally, it’s crucial to consult with healthcare professionals or allergists if your child has known allergies or sensitivities. They can provide personalized guidance based on your child’s individual requirements.

If you have specific questions about allergens and their presence in our products, please feel free to reach out to our customer support team, who will be happy to assist you.

Please remember that this FAQ provides general information and guidance. It is essential to prioritise individual circumstances and seek professional advice regarding allergies and dietary restrictions.

Organic Natural Flavours in the OLOE® Shake are derived from natural plant-based sources to improve taste due to the more bitter notes such as organic kale and organic cacao, for example. We use these flavours rather than animal-based flavours or artificial flavours, which are chemically made.

Base is water and organic glycerin (from flaxeeds).

The chocolate flavour is extracted from Organic Cocoa, vanilla flavour is extracted from Organic Vanilla Beans and the strawberry flavour is extracted from Organic Strawberries.